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The Silk Road Spirit & VIP Service

Shuttle Transfer 1

We see every customer as our distinguished guest. As long as you are in Shanghai, just call us, we will arrange cars to pick you up to our shop to select silk and wool carpets, and then drive you and your selected carpets back safely and soundly!

Customization 2

We have not only traditional pattern designing teams, but modern pattern designing teams. Just give us a picture or ideas or even the feeling you want, we will make the best drafting and then weave it until the carpet you want finally present in front of you!

Free shipping and pay on delivery 3

To return the favor and support of both new and regular customers and save the shipping worries of most foreign customers, all products of Yisi are free shipping whatever at home or abroad. The customers enjoying home-delivery service can also pay on delivery.

4 Free house fitting(more than 600 lines)

Customers in Jiangsu, Shanghai or Zhejing just need to inform us of your house decoration style and what kind of carpet you want or just tell us carpets you can’t decide, we will carry the products to you as soon as possible to fit your furniture and help you decide.

5 Free cleaning

Silk carpets and tapestries are commonly washed every 3-10 years. The cleaning process must remain the original shape, color and luster. Our company provide professional after-sale cleaning service for you, using factory cleaning techniques.

6 The mending of damaged carpets

Whatever mending or making hand-knotted carpets, it requires rare silk or wool, and exquisite craftsmanship. Technician with less than 5 years’ experience can’t make a perfect mending. However, Our technicians with more than 10 years’ experience can make your damaged carpets return to the original look!


“YI” :10 million and “SI” :silk. “YISI” means the use of countless silk to make pure silk carpets.

YISI silk carpet logo
  • In 1969, the country-owned enterprise “Henan Eastcarpet Factory ”was established, in the charge of Sally’s father-in-law. All carpets were selling by quota at that time.
  • In 1988, the factory turned into a private enterprise. Taking advantage of local geographical resources, the factory had a quick growth after innovation and reform.
  • From 1989 to 1997, Sally set up an office in Beijing to expand business, YISI carpet began to be known by carpet lovers both at home and abroad.
  • In 1997, Sally established a head office in Shanghai and set up several showrooms.
  • In 2005, after YISI had a powerful team, Sally registered and established “Shanghai Sunshine Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd” to standardize the quality of carpets and service.
  • In 2009, the band “YISI” was born at the right moment. Several multiple shops are set up.
  • From 2009 to today, customers can see YISI carpets both online and offline, YISI technicians now still keep creating and designing new patterns to please the market.

Why should you choose YISI silk carpet

1# Independent factory, quick returns and small margins

        YISI’s factory has more than 500 workers, covering an area of beyond 10,000㎡. YISI owns two showrooms in Shanghai. The head showroom, operated since 1988, is in Changning, covering an area of 288㎡.In the case of controlling manufacturing cost, YISI carpets always follow the principle “Quick returns and small margins”, never raise its price and operate in good faith.

2# Elite team and first-rate service

        YISI already has its own elite team now. You can find people with any ability you need, such us network marketing specialist, accompanied English translators, foreign trade specialist, driver, after-sale service personnel and so on, and every staff is prepared to serve you!

3# Well-chosen raw materials and 100% hand-knotted

         YISI’s Factory locates in Funiu Mountain, which is with beautiful natural scenery and no pollution. The locals are kind-hearted and inured to hardships. And the silk here is with the best quality. After the breed aquatic period of silk , the raw material purchasing of YISI will buy in top quality natural silk with the best color.

        “soft gold under the feet” .There are not two weaving worker having the same craft. As a result, every hand-knotted silk carpet is the only one in the world. They are like mellow wine, more older more valuable. If you take good care of them, they can finally become antique treasure. The lifespan of hand-knotted silk carpet can be up to hundreds of years, its value increase with time passing.

         A superior carpet will take several months or even years to weave, bearing hundreds of years’ tread without gloom or fade.From of old, they are used for hand-made carpets workshop in cities or palaces. Silk carpets are the top-end among handmade carpets. Silk is with tight powder structure, soft luster, light color like pearl, when being stepped on, it feels soft, smooth, thick, solid and elastic.

(1)Carpet Laying. You may put an underlay under it to prolong its life.

(2)Dirt remov. You just need to pat or brush over the dust once a week.

(3)Partial cleaning. Avoid the water or other liquid sprinkling on the carpet. If making it wet out carelessly, use a clean water-absorbing white cloth or towel to soak up as much liquid as possible immediately and then take it to the well ventilated place to make it dry.

(4)Overall cleaning Generally speaking, your carpet may have a complete professional wash every two or three years.

(5)Preservation Avoid retting or damping it for long. Take the carpet to a ventilated and cool place without the straight sunburn to air one time a year.

        “Persian carpets are the most famous carpets over the world. In Iran, the best Persian carpet will cost about two or three million dollar. And, you need to wait three or four years.” The most contributing factor of Persian carpets’ reputation is their craftsmanship. A weaving worker can knot 6000-10000 knots, every square meter has at least millions even billions of knots.

        As early as the 16th century, Persian kingdom regarded Persian carpets, which was used to decorate palace, as significant national present to give the European governors, making carpets the symbol of social treasure and luxury. At the beginning of 20th century, handmade carpets began to enter Western rich families. They are considered to be not only commodities and decorations, but also artistic treasure.